Philip Crummy's Tudor Colchester walk

Updated: Apr 16

Take an East Hill ramble with Philip Crummy, Director of Colchester Archaeological Trust, and explore Colchester's Tudor History... Note, this walk is well over an hour so, in a corona-virus-conscious-world, if you plan to combine it with your daily exercise, we suggest you spread it over a number of days.

Download the walk guide for Philip Crummy's Tudor Trail here...

Jane's Walk aren't first and foremost about the imparting of expert knowledge,

or rather they are about channeling the expression of the kind of knowledge we all have about our home towns and particularly those areas very local to us - because we inhabit them daily, we know how they work and dont work - and encouraging conversation around this. But we do have many people with expert knowledge among us and Jane's Walk provides a great opportunity to celebrate this. Here is a route map of a lovely walk led by Philip Crummy, Director of Colchester Archaeological Trust, back in 2010, of Tudor Colchester (returning via Riverside to make a loop).