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'A misguided tour around town' with artist Charles Debenham

Updated: May 26, 2021

SATURDAY, MAY 1, 2021 - A Jane's Walk 2021 event

In Charles' words: "This misguided tour departs, as tradition has it, from the Golden Plaice Chinese restaurant in North Station Road, and saunters around a few of the town’s dodgy areas, ending up at St Botolph's'. Footnote: In a first for Jane’s walks, the recommended footwear is comfortable slippers, and stalwarts could even go barefoot …"

Charles will already be well-known to many: he grew up in Colchester, and has been painting the town, in wet weather and fair, over the course of his life, always lived locally. His paintings observe and celebrate the ordinary - the working side of streets and buildings, and the people who inhabit them. Taken together, his body of work evokes the immediate, unmistakable character of the town.

For more of Charles's work taken from an exhibition at Chappel Galleries in 2019, see here:

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