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Springtime 2020 in Castle Park Colchester

#janeswalkglobal #janeswalkdigital #myjaneswalk There is a lovely atmosphere in the park, the air is cleaner, the birdsong louder and the people friendlier.

Earlier this year I was added as an additional administrator on Friends of Castle Park Facebook Page. As coronovirus spread around the world I was wandering in the park (March 16th ) when I spotted a bee collecting nectar from a group of Hellebore. I decided to start photographing things I noticed in the park to share on our Facebook Page with people who may not be able to get to the park at this time.

As parks closed to the public in some parts of the country it was a delight that our park stayed open, despite a reduction in hours. Most people have been seen to be followed Government guidelines to keep 2 metres social distancing from each other. I have chosen a selection of my photographs to share with you here as a record of the changes in the park from the end of March to the end of April. I hope you enjoy the photos and that you too can visit the park in person again soon.

As I write this the Forget Me Nots are being removed from the Badge Bed, I will post a photo when it is replanted on Friends of Castle Park Facebook Page.

To find out more about Friends of Castle Park please check out our website

Stay safe and keep well

Diana Hargrave

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