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#SlowWays: help map a nationwide network of off-road routes between towns... volunteers needed?

In the run-up to the Jane's Walk weekend, and whilst we are obliged to live rather more sedentary lives than we might wish, disconnected from many of the outdoor spaces we love, here's a brilliantly ambitious, conceptually simple, collaborative project that you might like to be involved in; one that, once completed, may transform the way we map our walking world.

#SlowWays is the brainchild of Daniel Raven-Ellison, 'Guerilla Geographer', who also spearheaded the initiative to make London a National Park City.

He is seeking 500 volunteers to help map a country-wide network of interconnected walking routes, from your armchairs, based on local knowledge and OS map-reading skills.

Virtual training sessions are provided, but the last of these is on Weds 22nd April, so register quickly if you are interested.

#SlowWays full info and registration details HERE

A National Geographic article about the project HERE

Jane Jacobs was primarily concerned with cities rather than the spaces between. But she was a big advocate of 'slow' ways of engaging with space, of connectedness between people and places, of the importance of harnessing local knowledge, and of course of walking as a method and as the best means to a journey's end. Without doubt this is a project she would have supported.

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