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All Trees Great and Small: a walk with Christopher Howard in the Castle Park

Dendrologist, trail author and guide, and long-time supporter of Jane's Walk (perhaps even from its inaugural festival in Colchester in 2011?): Christopher Howard's tree walks, at both the Castle Park and the University of Essex, have been enjoyed by tree lovers in great number over the past decade, many of whom have returned over subsequent years to repeat this delight.

This year, in the context of Covid-19, if you are lucky enough to live near the park, we invite you to enjoy Christopher's trail solo, or in your household/family groups, using the downloadable guide and map he has put together.

A few words from Christopher himself... "Virtually; well actually really. Here’s a walk that you can do as an individual with all the pointers already in place. One of the Jane’s Walks that I’ve led for a few years, has been of the trees in Castle Park. You won’t have the commentary, but that’s been condensed into the downloadable Tree Trail. This is an expansion and revision of an earlier guide. And furthermore, all of the trees on the Trail have been labelled, and with the map and narrative you can’t go wrong. Let’s call it the ‘Joy of Species’! You will have the wonderful company of trees and there’s a lot going on at the moment: flowers, new leaves, pollen, and quite a bit of fertilization… Apart from poor old Henry’s Maple – you’ll learn why. There are nine different species of Oak with leaves ranging from the size of a man’s hand to a thumbnail. The diversity is enthralling – Go For It!"

Christopher Howard April 2020

A few images from former years...

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