Map Your New World!

Updated: Apr 23

This great map by illustrator Kera Till recently went viral - no surprises! Representing as it does a new world view, in times when our private space is both more private than ever and on display as never before, and our public space is a no-go post-apocalyptic vacuum where once we worked and played.

Plus everybody loves a map, especially a tube map, right? And better still one created with felt tips! Why not create yours? What does your @homewithcovid-19 map look like? We'd love to see your new world through your eyes...

To take part, post your map below at the bottom of this page (click the + icon on the left) and add any comment. Be sure to give your name and add any commentary you'd like. If you encounter any problem posting, you can also:

Email your maps to us ( and we'll do the rest!

OR post them on our Facebook page:

Want some help getting started? Your map can be simple as you like; it can be your version of this one, or better still go your own way entirely! If you want some ideas to get your map going, here's a brilliant intro to drawing a simple (in this case fantasy) but beautiful map, by lovely Kieran Larwood!