Dates for your diary: What's On around the world this weekend? #janeswalkglobal

Updated: May 1

A great thing about the planning of Jane's Walk 2020 has been the connection that has been established between Jane's Walk cities around the world, all facing the same challenge: how to bring a Jane's Walk festival to life - when the very activities at its heart have been so fundamentally compromised. One legacy of Covid-19 for the festival will surely be this - that we are in touch and collaborating as never before. Here are some events over the weekend that we are all invited to be part of....


Movie Night: Citizen Jane: Battle for the City (2016), EST

Advance warning! In the UK we cant quite fully join in with this one, but read on all the same...The Toronto Jane's Walk office are coordinating a 'movie night' screening of this great documentary (shown in Colchester at our 2018 festival), for followers in Canada and the USA, with discussion via Twitter afterwards (open to all). Unfortunately we couldn't find a viewing platform that was available on both sides of the Atlantic, and time-wise also any live post-film discussion will fall in the wee small hours of Saturday morning.

HOWEVER, those of you in Colchester, UK, who subscribe to Amazon Prime, and are not averse to a very late night in a good cause, can effectively tag along. Citizen Jane is available to rent or buy from Prime here:

And we are all invited to share our reactions and thoughts about the film by using the Twitter hashtag #janeswalkGlobal (and #janeswalkcolch of course, too). In this way the hope is to encourage conversation about Jane’s legacy, our great city, and urban life. And there is nothing to stop us joining this conversation over breakfast on Saturday!


A date with Jan Gehl...

Keynote: 'COVID-19 & Public Space', 12pm-2pm (EST), 5-7pm (BST); Speakers: Jan Gehl, and others

Toronto asked him and he said yes! Danish architect Jan Gehl is the architect of our times whose work, in its people-centred approach and motivation ('cities for people'), and the importance he attaches to designing around and for walking and cycling, resonates most strongly with the principles and ethos of Jacobs.


SATURDAY MAY 2nd (continued)

Panel Discussion: 'Crowdsourcing & Technologies for Communities' May 2nd; 5pm-6pm (EST) or Midnight-2am (Sunday) (BST); Speakers: Rachel Lissner - Young Urbanist League, David Gorski - Plan Together Mapping and Valentina Harper CareMongeringTO)



A Tale of Two Cities: a joint 'live', virtual #janeswalk between Jane's Walk London (UK) and Jane's Walk Kuala Lumpur...

And we are all invited along... I'm excited to bring Colchester folk details of this collaborative walk, a direct response to Covid-19 and yet brilliant initiative that sets a precedent no-doubt for creative collaborations across the globe in future years. JOIN THE WALK via Facebook (follow link) on Sunday 3rd May, 10 am (BST). Gentle pace guaranteed, in fact make yourself a nice cup of tea first:

SUNDAY MAY 3rd (continued)

2 further panel discussions open to a global #janeswalkglobal audience (again please note, time differences and be sure to clock in BST)


  1. Moving through Space May 3rd; 1pm-2pm (EST), 6pm-7pm (BST); Speakers: Nadia Galati - Process, Daniel Rotsztain - Urban Geographer and Candice Leung -TTC Riders)

  2. Public Space and Reclaiming Space May 3rd; 4pm-5pm (EST), 9pm-10pm (BST); Speakers: Nouman Ashraf, Antonino Calarco - @DixonrdTO & Artist, Amanda O'Rourke - 880 Cities, and Shannon Holness - Progress Toronto)