Jane's Walk 2020: Be Involved!

Updated: May 3

Covid-19 has rudely interrupted our plans for our 10th anniversary festival in Colchester, as it has interrupted plans around the world. But rarely before has there been a more interesting or pressing moment to reflect on the public and private spaces around us: how we use them, what they mean to us, and how that meaning may be changing, perhaps in unanticipated and surprising ways. So we are embracing this opportunity to explore new ways to celebrate the Jane's Walk weekend together, and the legacy of its great namesake Jane Jacobs, utilising all of our newfound and fast-honing online skills and modes of communication. Want to be part of it? Read on...

First things first: everybody is welcome to be involved!

You dont have to have been planning a real Jane's Walk to contribute to the virtual version - that's the beauty of it. All are welcome and the more of you the better. You dont even have to live in Colchester; you just have to be interested in our festival.

Jane's Walk themes. The festival is all about...

Walking, yes definitely, but walking as a means of exploring and observing on our local worlds in particular - our immediate neighbourhoods and communities. And walking (usually) in the company of and in conversation with others - friends, neighbours, colleagues. Talking is definitely as important as walking to Jane's Walk! This year, of course, we have our friend Corona De Vil along for the ride, so we cant be out together in numbers. All this really means though is that we have a new layer of interest to our walks; new 'eyes on the street' as Jane Jacobs might say, and definitely a somewhat new-looking world to photograph, talk and write about.

We are interested in....

Your photographs, video clips, sketches and scribblings, your home-made maps, your stories; in sum, your observations and reflections on this changing world of ours, whether lighthearted or serious, captured in a second or polished and crafted, and however you want to record them.

How and Where?

Post to us via however suits you:

  1. Instagram: janeswalkcolch (https://www.instagram.com/janeswalkcolch/)

  2. Twitter: @janeswalkcolch (https://twitter.com/janeswalkcolch)

  3. Facebook: Jane's Walk Colchester (https://www.facebook.com/JanesWalkColchester/)

  4. Email: walkcolchester@rocketmail.com

  5. Advice? Email us (above) or call 07710474999

Link your posts with those of others using these hashtags...

#myjaneswalk - we'd love to see pictures and videos of your walks: solo, household or socially distant! Live record better still....

#aroomwithaview - we are collecting photographs of the views from your homes as we adjust temporarily to life indoors; either of strangely empty streets, or of the outdoor spaces (gardens, yards and balconies etc) keeping you sane though it all.

#mapmyworld - walking and maps go together but we're interested in new kinds of maps too, maybe of the places that have taken on new importance to you since lockdown? Maybe even indoor maps? Check out this post: https://www.walkcolchester.org.uk/post/jw2020-map-your-world (and watch the vid). This is a great activity for families with children by the way (but adults with felt tips also most welcome!)

#inspiredincolchester - all stories start somewhere. Local author Alex Clare invites wannabe creative writers among us to use Colchester as the context for stories and characters of our own making

Link with other Jane's Walk cities around the world, using these hashtags...

This year Jane's Walk cities across the globe have been in touch like never before (one very positive outcome of Covid-19). The hashtags immediately above are those agreed by us all so that we can share in each others festivals, so please use freely.



And the final word goes to...

Our festival namesake, urbanist, writer and activist Jane Jacobs. There's a mountain of information out there, but here is one place you could start: Vital Little Plans review – why the ideas of Jane Jacobs are still vital by Chris Hall, The Guardian [Online], Nov 10th 2017