A Room with a View (what's yours)?

Updated: May 5

Strange times we're living in and one of its oddest aspects is the once familiar now empty somewhat-dystopian spaces that exist immediately beyond our front doors and windows. A happier aspect for many of us is the enhanced pleasure and importance now attaching to our garden or other immediate outdoor spaces, and to our views of them from indoors.

A Facebook group entitled 'View From My Window' set up on March 22nd 2020 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/viewfrommywindow/) has already attracted thousands of contributors and followers. From it we learn, unsurprisingly, that people live in some remarkable places, and it makes for compelling viewing. It is also a most powerful reminder of the privilege that is access to green space, and of the fundamental divide that Covid-19 illuminates between the haves and have-nots in relation to this most basic contributory factor to our physical and mental health. It's impossible not to reflect upon the millions more ordinary and disadvantaged views that are not represented there. But, since looking out upon beautiful views is generally good for our mental health, regardless of whether viewed one step removed through a window, and regardless of whether that view is our own, I recommend the group to you. It's also a rather lovely vehicle for connecting with other people around the world.

We thought we might adopt the idea ourselves over the Jane's Walk festival (see images so far, above) and invite you to contribute your own here, taken from home, whether of now unfamiliar streets beyond your front doors, or views of your garden or other spaces that are providing you with pleasure and respite during lockdown.

To take part, post the view from your window:

  1. On Instagram, using #aroomwithaview

  2. Below, using the comments + on the left beneath 'recent posts'

  3. Via email at walklchester@rocketmail.com we'll post them.